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Last Flight is an open-world clicker adventure game, that is also a sequel to a Metroidvania. Last Flight is very easy to learn; your initial objective is to generate revenue through selling boxes. However, if you wish to master the economy and survive the many harsh environments (to name a few, there is the frozen tundra, the poisonous jungles, the lava wastelands, the lush jungles and the endless desert... and that's not even mentioning the sky islands), you will need to utilize automation, construction, strategy, and eventually flight!

This is the third game in a trilogy, with each title in this trilogy changing gameplay and genre radically from previous entries.

The first game can be found at https://log0ns.itch.io/broken-bird

The second game can be found at https://log0ns.itch.io/secondshadow


Last Flight Setup.exe 48 MB


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i have no idea how many boxes i am supposed to drop into the hole, surely 250 is enough? maybe im missing something. ill explore a little longer in the first room which i cannot seem to escape.

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You are very correct, yes, 250 is more than enough! A menu can be accessed (by pressing left tab) that allows you to purchase upgrades, purchase vehicles for automation (this will come in handy later, for now most of your box collection and depositing will happen manually), view tutorials and save your progress. Through purchasing upgrades, your 250 boxes should allow you more than enough points to upgrade climbing, jumping and other stats, through which you should be able to escape not only the room, but potentially even the cave as well!

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wait nvm i pressed tab heres a cool menu :)

Sorry for any misdirection, I must have mistyped. Glad to hear it's working!

I have updated the game to correct this typo as well, thank you!


Quite a unique game. I'm not that far into it yet. Kudos for making something unique and interesting.